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Legal Statistics

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The Medicolegal Crisis

The medical liability crisis is a pressing & immediate problem facing the healthcare system today & United Medical Monitoring can help find a solution.

Some medicolegal statistics:

  • According to Jury Verdict Research data, medical liability awards are on the rise: Verdicts have increased 52% and the average award is nearly $3.5 million.
  • According to a national survey of neurosurgeons, the national average medical liability premium increased 63% over 3 years.
  • A recent survey found that 55% of orthopedic surgeons nationwide have reduced the type of operational procedures, with 39% avoiding spine surgery.
  • According to a nationwide survey 43% of neurosurgeons reported that they no longer perform high-risk surgery such as treating brain aneurysms, removing brain and spinal tumors, or complex spinal surgery
  • How can United Medical Monitoring help?

    United’s team of specialized technicians and physicians can help reduce the incidence and severity of medical malpractice lawsuits stemming from certain high complexity cases where surgically induced neurological deficits may occur. The reasoning behind this is simple. If a case ends up in litigation, the hospital and surgeon can argue that they have done all that’s possible from a technological standpoint to reduce the possibility of a neurological deficit during surgery and any neurological deficits that occurred are a natural unavoidable consequence of that patient’s particular surgical procedure.

    Further protection is afforded by IONM because neurophysiological baselines are performed before and after surgery. Litigious patients that file frivolous lawsuits for hard to diagnose neurological compromise will be thwarted when the surgeon and hospital can show that there were no changes in the patient’s neural status from pre-surgery to post-surgery. Therefore any injury being claimed by the patient can be assumed to have occurred somewhere else and as a result of something else, other than the surgery.

    However, if monitoring is not performed then the plaintiff’s attorneys can argue that the failure to conduct IONM testing to ascertain if neurological compromise was occurring was a negligent action. United can help reduce surgical incidences and decrease the severity of medical malpractice lawsuits. United assures patients that the hospital and surgical staff have used the very latest technology to help reduce the possibility of a neurological deficit.